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In the mid 1700's Count Juan Garcia was Reus (near Barcelona), Spain’s wealthiest landowner. His vast estate spanned for miles and his family’s bountiful plantations yielded the region’s largest supply of Soy Beans. Count Garcia was also Europe’s largest proponent of vegetarianism and distributed all types of Soy-based products throughout Europe. The Romanian Count, Dracula, heard tales of this wealthy vegetarian Count from his minions. Dracula was a cruel and dark-minded vampire who thrived on the suffering of others. Dracula arranged a visit to Count Garcia’s estate under the auspices that he was interested in importing Garcia’s Soy products into Romania. Instead in the midst of his sleep Dracula forced his long thick fangs deep into Count Garcia’s neck forever damning him to drink the blood of others and lurk through the night. Little did Count Dracula know that his vicious act would backfire. Count Garcia had never before tasted the meat of another being and had a very strange reaction to Dracula’s bite. Garcia became cursed to forever walk the night pillaging cities in search of Soy products. Thus the story of Soy Dracula began.

Soy Dracula soon discovered an uncontrollable urge to bite other humans in the same manner he had been bitten. He soon realized that when he bit humans he passed on his curse making them become the undead minions of Soy Dracula.