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Soy Dracula

Soy Dracula (vocal, keyboard, keeper of soy)

The vegetarian vampire of the night.

Soy Helsing (bass, drums, bloody meat lover)

Setting the world right, one vegitarian at a time.

Soy Helsing

Biancpira (guitar, lyrics, minion)

Why is it so hard to find a good man in this town?

Soy Fagula (drums, guitar, bourbo)

He'd rather see you dead then at the show.

Soy Fagula
Count Core

Count Coré (guitar, vocals, crepes)

He's so french you can smell it.


5oy Dr Gu4no (noise, noise, noise)

5o l33t y()ur $0u1 w!11 hur7.

5oy Dr Gu4no
Soy Renfield Soy Renfield (Theramin)  
  Bourbo (Bat)  

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(Crew Mistresses)
Scarla, Marsha, Beth, Ruth