Soy Dracula

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1. Robourbo
2. Defense Assholes
3. Not My Type of Jewish
4. I Don't Care How Many Times You Were Arrested For Murder
5. Can You Take Out My Salami?
6. Looks Like I Met A Mexican
8. You've Had So Many Opportunities To Get It In My Mouth, Doodie
9. I Think I Hit Her in the Face With Some Chorizo
10. You Can Stay in There All Day I Don't Care


Next Time, Stick It in My Pussy
Crepes and Porn
Too Much Soy, Not Enough Cock



Did you hear what we just dropped on Halloween? That's right the Soy is back to black you out. Get your soul sucked dry from Bite This! our collection of shit. Yup, pretty much its just a big steamy load of everything we crapped out. If you order the record, we'll literally just send you shit. Just a big 12 inch saucer of shity shit. Yeah, drop a needle on that and suck it. Soy out.

Now for those of you who are looking for a Wire from the CMJ Fest, did you try Amazon?

Come feel our Soy Dracula