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So, you think you're soy enough for this band? Good, cause here you're all equal (well, equally likely to be bitten). Are you ready to repent your meat eating ways? Are you ready to give your soul to the soy? Can you chug down a bottle of Knob Creek while chanting "Soy Dracula" with both fucking fists in the air? No, not just just one, I said both mutherfucker! Ok, then. Well sign up on the mailing list below and get in the loop for the up coming gigs and extra band info. If we're coming to a town near you (that's right, I'm talking to you Morristown NJ) we'll try to make you part of the show.

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Mad Soy Dracula props to the Villager. Backing up the claim that soy doesn't make you gay since 1933.