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Bourbo Haikus

oh bourbon my love
fill my soy soul with booze
in cold, you're my warmth
      ~Soy Helsing

oh sacred burbo
your touch like the sun's strong fire
my soy liver smiles
      ~5oy Dr Gu4no

in soy and bourbo
are all pain and pleasure
like cold wind, hot day

bourbo's sweet hot sting
wakes my soul to riot drunken
stay out of the way
      ~Soy Fagula

these are the best days
a bit cold, a little wet
perfect for bourbo

bourbo i love you
you make me homeless crazy
bourbo I hate you



Drink Menu

--- Urban Bourbon ---

3 fingers of knob creek on the rocks.

--- Soy Bourbon ---

3 fingers of knob creek. (Ice is for little girls.)



Alll music and talent influenced by:

(did you see they have "knobtris"... damn they rule)